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Mortgage Note Investments

Private investors earn high annual yields by investing in Banker’s Alternative private mortgage funds, secured by desirable Florida real estate. Bankers Alternative Funding Arranges Private Hard Money Loans With Private Investment Capital.

Bankers Alternative Funding arranges residential and commercial mortgages and funds these loans with our mortgage fund or private investor capital. We receive new loan requests weekly, which in turn create a steady stream of attractive mortgage note opportunities. For those new to mortgage note investing, mortgage note investments are a great alternative to purchasing investment real estate.

If you are a private investor looking to invest in real estate, but don’t possess the know-how or time required to acquire investment properties, mortgage note investments are an excellent alternative. Mortgage note investments can offer attractive annual returns through a more passive investment vehicle. Every mortgage note is secured by desirable Florida properties, and offer potentially high annual yields that can sometimes outperform the ROI achieved from investment property ownership. Our management team has over 15 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, arranging private money loans and working with private investors. We have worked with multitude of investors and have enjoyed building long-standing relationships.

Earn 7.5% – 10% Annual Yields From Our First Position Mortgage Notes

The note rates and effective annual yields offered on our first position trust deed investments range from between 10% and 12%. Some note rates may be lower or higher depending on the negotiated terms of the note “loan”. The note rate for each loan will be predicated upon several factors, not limited to the loan-to-value ratio, the underlying subject property collateral, and other credit and risk factors, such as the borrower’s credit, rental income and specific factors of each lending scenario. A pool or specific Florida property secures every loan and mortgage note investment.

Residential multi-family and commercial properties secure our mortgage notes. One individual investor or one of our mortgage funds will fund and own 100% of every mortgage note. Every investor will have access to a credit package, which shall include, but not limited to, a loan application, borrower background, rental agreements, preliminary title report, evidence or hazard insurance, appraisals and other documentation upon request.

Understanding About Mortgage Note Investments

Mortgage note investments are an exceptional way to build wealth and protect your capital by investing in a real estate secured investment. However, like most investments, there are risks associated with mortgage note investments. By investing in one of our no junk fee mortgage funds, with the strategy of having multiple notes pooled together, investors can eliminate the downside of non-performance of a specific loan. This reduces risk and increases the likelihood of achieving his or her investment objectives.

A mortgage note investment is created when an investor purchases a share of a mortgage note fund, which in turn owns a promissory note, and mortgage on real property. At which time, the fund becomes “the bank” and holds a legally negotiable instrument that is secured by real property.

The mortgage lending process is characterized by the arranging of a loan to a borrower who executed a promissory note and mortgage secured (recorded against) the real property. The promissory note is the borrower’s promise to repay the loan, and the mortgage is a security instrument (lien) recorded against the borrower’s real estate. Mortgage notes are saleable instruments that are regularly sold in the secondary mortgage market.

Bankers Alternative Funding is an active participant in a smaller sub-market referred to as “private mortgage lending.” This market consists of private investors who purchase mortgage notes seeking higher returns and earn the interest due under the terms of the note. The private mortgage lending market evolved from the demand from borrowers who could not obtain loans through conventional sources, because of poor credit, unverifiable income, or time prohibitive situations, yet had sufficient equity in their properties.

The benefit to the lender and private investor is that these have higher interest rates, typically 10% to 13%. Private mortgage loan opportunities are great for investors where double-digit returns can be realized from these very attractive and secured investments. The risk associated with these loans is very acceptable since the amount of protective equity in the property provides protection to the investor against payment defaults, market fluctuations, and property devaluation. Protective equity is what provides security to the mortgage. Bankers Alternative Funding typically requires that every property it lends against has a minimum of 40% to 50% protective equity.

To illustrate, if a property has a Fair Market Value of $1,000,000, the fund restricts the loan to a maximum of $600,000; conversely, we would not permit a loan any higher than 60% of the Fair Market Value; also referred to as the Loan-To-Value Ratio. Typically, the lower the LTV, the better and more attractive the mortgage note investment is, thus warranting consideration for the fund. Since the amount of protective equity directly relates to the security of the mortgage note, it is fair to say that the primary risk to the investor relies on the amount of protective equity remaining in the property.