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What types of loans do you arrange?

We arrange real estate loans for residential, commercial, apartments, mixed-use and other types of properties.

What is the smallest loan you will arrange?

We can make real estate loans as small as $35,000.

What is the largest size loan you will arrange?

We can lend as high as $10,000,000, however most of the loans we arrange are under $250,000.

What types of properties do you lend on?

We will lend on most property types such as single family homes, condominiums, condo-hotels, townhomes, apartment buildings, commercial, warehouse, offices, land and mixed-use, to name a few.

Up to what percentage of my property’s value will you lend?

We will lend up to 65% of the property’s fair market value or purchase price, whichever is lower for most refinances, however, we can sometimes make exceptions to lend higher. For purchase transactions, we can lend with as little as 40% down. Every scenario is approached on a case-by-case basis.

What loan-to-values will you lend up to?

For refinances we typically stay under 65% LTV. On most purchases we go up 60% of purchase price.

Do you only lend in Florida?

We lend all over the entire State of Florida with a primary emphasis in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.

Do you arrange construction loans?

We do not arrange financing for construction transactions

Do you arrange loans to complete partially done construction projects?

Yes. We can arrange first lien mortgages for some unfinished construction or rehab projects.

Do you arrange 2nd and 3rd mortgages?

We do not arrange loans that are not in first position.

Will you lend on a property that is on the market for sale or has recently been listed for sale?


Do you lend on vacant land?

We will lend no more than about 50% of the fair market value for vacant land.

Do you arrange personal loans or where there is no real estate involved?

We only arrange real estate loans and we do not make personal, business, equipment, or other loans that are not secured by real property.

Do you arrange business or equipment loans?


How many points do you charge for your loans?

We charge between 2 and 3.5 points depending on the loan amount, the type of loan, and many other factors. We are very competitive and typically price our loans cheaper than our competitors. We will provide you a written good faith estimate or conditional loan proposal.

Do you arrange loans for people in foreclosure?

We cannot arrange loans for property owners in foreclosure.

The property is currently vacant. Can you arrange a loan for this scenario?

Yes. We can make loans on properties that are vacant and we can lend on properties that are in disrepair.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 3098 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021. Conveniently located near I-95, Fort Lauderdale and Downtown Miami.

Are you a broker or direct lender?

We are direct lenders through our fund.